Monday, 2 January 2012

Mac Eyeshadow Starter Kit

Going into Mac can be pretty intimidating, the huge selection of products and the "I'm pretty and I know it" make up artists that work there, can make you want to run away and never come back. Yes, the girls who work there are usually very helpful and friendly but fighting up the courage to ask them for help is (in my experience) terrifying. I always find that knowing what I am looking for before I go in helps. 

Mac eyeshadows are possibly Mac's most famous product. The colour range is truly incredible and the quality is almost always amazing. I have chosen four of my favourite colours, which incidentally are some of their most famous colours, to include in my Mac Starter Kit and I think for a Mac beginner they're are an excellent place to start.

l-r   vapour, satin taupe, woodwinked, carbon

These colours are very versatile and many looks can be created with them: the smokey eye and a very natural everyday look I expect being the most desirable. All the colours look good on all skin tones, however, vapour could be swapped with something like rice paper for a darker skin tone. 

l-r   vapour, satin taupe, woodwinked, carbon

Sorry the photo isn't very good, woodwinked looks very orange! It's not really, it's a lovely gold. The quality and pigmentation of all these eyeshadows is fantastic and I would highly recommend them as your first Mac purchase.

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadows? 

Bonnie x