Monday, 28 November 2011

Nail of the Day - Black Cherries by Rimmel

When the weather turns cold and with Christmas just round the corner, I put my summer nail polishes away and bring out the lovely warm reds and festive golds. I much prefer these colours to the bright blues and neon pinks I feel obliged to wear during the warm months - I find them much more flattering. My absolute favourite winter polish - and probably my favourite nail polish overall - is Black Cherries by Rimmel London. 

This nail polish is from the I Love Lasting Finish collection, the quality it really good and for me the colour is just gorgeous. An almost black purple which has a very glossy finish - perfect for the festive season! 

I genuinely missed this nail polish over the summer and I am so glad that it is back in my - seemingly empty - life. 

What is your favourite winter nail polish?

Bonnie x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Skin Saviour - 7 Day Scrub by Clinique

I have always liked Clinique, my first ever foundation was from there (Almost Powder Makeup) and I still use it three years on. I love Clinique's obvious interest in skin care and skin health and it is probably my most trusted brand. My mum also loves Clinique and when we are repurchasing our Clinique necessities  - we are now friends with the lovely Clinique ladies - we always manage to accumulate several of their samples. One that we always got was the 7 Day Scrub, I tried it and absolutely loved it. We probably got about three of them during a three year period and because they lasted for such a long time I never felt the need to repurchase I full sized one. 

However, on one of our regular trips to Clinique, to my dismay I found out that the samples had been discontinued, so I lived a year without my 7 Day Scrub. During the summer, my skin was fine but when it turned cold, my skin became horrible and dry. So back I went to Clinique to buy my skin saviour. This product is incredible, it makes my skin so soft and it's so gentle that I can use it everyday - hint in the name. Although it is pricey - I got it in Boots for £17 - I cannot recommend this product enough.

Bonnie x  

Lip of the Day - Boy by Chanel

What is our obsession with Chanel? Whenever I see those intertwined C's and the black and gold packaging my heart skips a beat and I find myself subconsciously gliding towards the glistening counter. The classic beauty of everything that is Chanel captures me and for a moment I forget that 1. I do not need a new lipstick, and 2. I cannot afford a new lipstick. Five lovely minutes later I am clutching a gorgeous white bag, embossed with the sacred symbol and almost skipping out of the store. Chanel is dangerous. 

When Chanel released their new lipsticks - Rouge Coco Shine - I thought they looked amazing, I had never owned a Chanel lipstick before and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to join the 'Chanel Cult'. The one problem was they were rather expensive, in fact they were ridiculously expensive, so I refrained. However, the advertisements were everywhere, reminding me of how beautiful they were and walking past the Chanel counter took so much will power - it seemed rather sad. So I gave in. 

I was not disappointed and the guilt lessened as the days went on. Inside the fabulous packaging I found the most gorgeous, glossy lipstick. The colour I bought was Boy (54), a 'my-lips-but-better' colour, it applied beautifully and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect daytime shade which I could wear all year round - this was the justification line. Yes, Chanel is expensive and no, I did not need it but surely a Chanel hit once in a while can't be bad ...

I bought this lipstick in Boots and it cost .... £23 - if you say it faster it helps. This would be a lovely Christmas present for a very lucky someone with the dreaded Chanel bug. I have got my Chanel fix for the year and I could not recommend this lovely lipstick enough. 

Bonnie x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Christmas Gift Guide - Benefit Gets Cheeky!

When I was in town yesterday with my mum, we were fighting our way through Boots and we came across the Benefit counter. I love Benefit, some of my first ever makeup products were from there. I am a big fan of their quirky packaging and every Christmas, without fail, I will purchase a couple of their gift sets for my family and friends. So when I set my eyes upon this gorgeous set, I knew that it would be the perfect gift for someone. 

This cute set contains miniature sizes of Benefits very popular cheek and lip tints (Benetint and Posietint) and also a lovely highlighter, High Beam. I own Benetint and High Beam and I absolutely love them, they are such beautiful colours. 

Each bottle contains 4ml of the product, this doesn't seem like a lot but I have owned my Benetint (13.5ml) for about three years and I'm not even half way through it!

The pigmentation of the products is amazing - a little goes a long way! Also the highlighter has a lovely shimmer to it but it's not too over the top.

posietint, high beam, benetint

This would be the perfect gift for someone who is just starting with makeup or would like to try some of Benefits most famous products. This set is exclusive to Boots and at £14.50, I think it's a bargain!

Bonnie x

Nail of the Day - Hyperreal by Topshop

When I was wondering in Topshop the other week, I suddenly found myself gravitating toward the makeup section. I have been overall really impressed with Topshop's makeup but for me the nail polishes are by far the best. The array of colours and the £5/6 price tag are too good to resist, so I picked up one ... because I needed it.

I have been recently obsessed with bronze makeup and this colour looked so gorgeous. Like all Topshop nail polishes the quality is really good and for me, it lasted about five days. However, the colour was not what I expected, from the bottle it looks like a divine bronze with just the right amount of shimmer, on my nails it almost looked like a rose gold (I love rose gold nail polishes - Rage by Orly is amazing - but I really wanted a bronze nail polish). 

Overall, I do like this colour and it will be lovely for the Christmas period but I am still on the market for the perfect bronze nail polish. 

Any recommendations? 

Bonnie x