Monday, 28 November 2011

Nail of the Day - Black Cherries by Rimmel

When the weather turns cold and with Christmas just round the corner, I put my summer nail polishes away and bring out the lovely warm reds and festive golds. I much prefer these colours to the bright blues and neon pinks I feel obliged to wear during the warm months - I find them much more flattering. My absolute favourite winter polish - and probably my favourite nail polish overall - is Black Cherries by Rimmel London. 

This nail polish is from the I Love Lasting Finish collection, the quality it really good and for me the colour is just gorgeous. An almost black purple which has a very glossy finish - perfect for the festive season! 

I genuinely missed this nail polish over the summer and I am so glad that it is back in my - seemingly empty - life. 

What is your favourite winter nail polish?

Bonnie x

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