Sunday, 27 November 2011

Skin Saviour - 7 Day Scrub by Clinique

I have always liked Clinique, my first ever foundation was from there (Almost Powder Makeup) and I still use it three years on. I love Clinique's obvious interest in skin care and skin health and it is probably my most trusted brand. My mum also loves Clinique and when we are repurchasing our Clinique necessities  - we are now friends with the lovely Clinique ladies - we always manage to accumulate several of their samples. One that we always got was the 7 Day Scrub, I tried it and absolutely loved it. We probably got about three of them during a three year period and because they lasted for such a long time I never felt the need to repurchase I full sized one. 

However, on one of our regular trips to Clinique, to my dismay I found out that the samples had been discontinued, so I lived a year without my 7 Day Scrub. During the summer, my skin was fine but when it turned cold, my skin became horrible and dry. So back I went to Clinique to buy my skin saviour. This product is incredible, it makes my skin so soft and it's so gentle that I can use it everyday - hint in the name. Although it is pricey - I got it in Boots for £17 - I cannot recommend this product enough.

Bonnie x  

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