Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nail of the Day - Hyperreal by Topshop

When I was wondering in Topshop the other week, I suddenly found myself gravitating toward the makeup section. I have been overall really impressed with Topshop's makeup but for me the nail polishes are by far the best. The array of colours and the £5/6 price tag are too good to resist, so I picked up one ... because I needed it.

I have been recently obsessed with bronze makeup and this colour looked so gorgeous. Like all Topshop nail polishes the quality is really good and for me, it lasted about five days. However, the colour was not what I expected, from the bottle it looks like a divine bronze with just the right amount of shimmer, on my nails it almost looked like a rose gold (I love rose gold nail polishes - Rage by Orly is amazing - but I really wanted a bronze nail polish). 

Overall, I do like this colour and it will be lovely for the Christmas period but I am still on the market for the perfect bronze nail polish. 

Any recommendations? 

Bonnie x


  1. Are you still looking for a nice bronze colour? If you have Catrice in the UK you should check out their nail polishes, they're amazing! I have the colour In the Bronx, it's such a pretty colour! :)

  2. Aww thank you so much for the link, I had a look about but apparently it's not in the UK ... yet! It looks so nice though, exactly what I was looking for :) x