Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Birthday Wish List!

As it is my birthday in a few weeks, I thought I would show you all a (dream) wish list of things I would like to get! 

1. Chanel 5170 Sunglasses in Dark Havana 

I have never had an expensive pair of sunglasses before due my clumsy habits of dropping/losing things. However, as I am becoming a year older, I hope I become wiser and more able to own glasses that don't come from Primark! Bought from HERE 

2. Stocking up on perfume

I have suddenly ran out of all my favourite perfumes at the same time (always seems to happen) and I have wanted to try Chanel Chance Eau Tendre for ages - the bottle is gorgeous! 

3. Topshop Blazer

Every girl should have a blazer, they are such a good investment as they are ridiculously wearable! I have wanted a off-white one for AGES and I think it would be great for spring. Link to Topshop Blazer HERE 

I am too excited for my birthday and I hope I am lucky enough to receive some of these gifts from friends and family. 

Deal of the Week
I have decided to include a deal I have seen recently at the end of each of my posts for you all. I hope you like it, please tell me if you do! 

Todays deal is from Buyapowa and it is the Joico K-Pack Haircare Trio. 
RRP £45.85 - Best Price £30

I love this range from Joico and it would be a lovely mid-week treat for you all! 
Link to deal is HERE

Bonnie x

Disclaimer - I am not influenced by any companies or organisations. All opinions are completely my own. 


  1. Love the deal of the week idea!
    That blazer is too gorg, hope you get everything you're hoping for :o) x

  2. You will LOVE Chanel Chance! <3


  3. Those sunglasses are so cute! Please check out my blog! It would make my day if you followed my blog!