Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nail of the Day - May by CHANEL

For my birthday, my mum treated me to my first Chanel nail polish. Obviously I was incredibly excited and the colour was simply beautiful but I was slightly apprehensive. Due to the huge hype around Chanel makeup - I include my self in this - I feel the quality must always match the price for it to be justifiable. Therefore, I hoped that it matched up to my previous good experiences of Chanel makeup.

The nail polish is Chanel's Spring Collection which consisted of various lipsticks, a beautiful blush that I could never afford - you know which one I am talking about - and three nail polishes : April, May and June. Although my birthday is in April my mum decided to get me May because it was more appropriate for the summer. 

To get the opacity seen in the picture I had to apply three coats, not great considering the price tag. Nevertheless, the colour is gorgeous. It has an almost gel effect which has excellent staying power - not one chip yet! (three days after)

I expect that this will be my one and only Chanel nail polish, it is a nice luxury but I could have got six Barry M ones for the same price! 

Bought from HERE! 

Bonnie x


  1. This is such a pretty colour! I haven't tried any Chanel polishes, but this one is gorgeous!

    PS. I tagged you in a post!